We are your farmers: Matt + Liz

Thanks for your interest in Joyfully Organic Farm. In short, it's our everything.
It is the best expression of what we love
and what we stand for.


Our Organic Growing Practices

We manage our fields organically with our customers in mind. We do not use any synthetic fertilizers or pesticides. For your sake and ours we prefer to work along side the bugs and the soil to grow the very best vegetables. We take time and care to ensure that we are always caring for the air, water and soil.  We invite customers to our farm so that we can show you how carefully we tend your vegetables. 

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Our Focus

Our business is growing high quality vegetables for our local communities in a sustainable and ecologically conscious way. We provide a real and tangible connection with how your food is grown, handled and transported. We look forward to seeing our customers each week. We grow a wide variety of unique and tasty leafy greens and root vegetables. 


Our Farm

Our fields are bordered by tall protective evergreens. We are fortunate to have fantastic Greenbelt soil and are the first farmers to work it in maybe 20 years! So, by caring for this rich soil, we know we are growing the most nutrient packed, delicious vegetables we possibly can.

With great intention, we named ourselves “Joyfully Organic Farm.”