what is a csa?

Community Shared Agriculture (commonly called a CSA or a Harvest Share) is the best (and tastiest) way to eat local food. It is a direct partnership between a farmer and community members who purchase "shares" of the harvest before the growing season begins.

Community Members Benefit      because you get the freshest, high quality, seasonal local produce. You also rest assured you are feeding your family food that is highest in quality and healthiest for you and the environment. Members enjoy knowing their farmer as a friend and having access to visit the farm where their food is grown.

Farmers Benefit      because we can grow with confidence knowing that we have a market for our produce ahead of time. When the farm has a good season, the members benefit in the abundance of produce. If in the off chance that the season battles extreme weather, the farm is protected from disaster by the support of its members. We, the farmers, also love getting to know the people we are feeding - an ongoing relationship with our eaters is a huge highlight of our work!

I am so enjoying the wonderful bounty from your gardens. Have shared some with friends who ask me every week “what did you get”? I love to gloat about your wonderful produce.
— c.s.a. member

so how does it work?

Each week you receive a basket of vegetables, that we have freshly harvested from our field. The weekly selection varies according to what is the most seasonally flavourful. See what is available when here. We at Joyfully Organic Farm believe strongly in crop diversity and as such, we grow over 35 varieties of vegetables (wowzas!). This ensures that our C.S.A. Members enjoy a wide variety of selection. To scope out a selection of vegetables we grow, see our vegetable gallery.

THE SIZE      Each basket includes five to seven items. We like to think of it as the 'just right' amount for two vegetable-loving adults or a family that eats a moderate level of vegetables.

THE NEWSLETTER     With each delivery comes a beautiful newsletter with recipes, storage tips and photos of your food being grown. Most of our C.S.A. Members reported that they find these weekly emails very helpful and inspirational in the kitchen! See an example below.

I really appreciate the time it takes you to make receiving the shares feel special - the emails including tips and recipes... Your passion shines through - thanks for caring so much.
— c.s.a. member

how do i sign up?

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... and voila! You'll be toting around a bag like this - filled with the freshest vegetables in your community. You've officially become a part of our 'farm'ily!                      
                                     Thanks! - Matt + Liz