Current openings for our 2019 season

Thanks for your interest in joining the farm team! Joyfully Organic Farm is run by a collaborative farm team, that focuses on lean efficiencies, bio-intensive successions/yields, and laughing a lot.
To be considered, read the posting in full and then fill out the questionnaire below.


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June to September

We are seeking a motivated individual to join our farm team, in an apprenticeship role. We are looking for someone who is invested in organic agriculture and is interested in pursuing farming as a possible career.

Please note: Previous farm work or enrolment in an agricultural education program is required.

ACCOMMODATIONS: Share accommodation space is available in a clean and attractive farmhouse.

LOCATION: Markham, Ontario (Near Markham/Stouffville/Pickering) 40 Minutes from Toronto, Ontario

DESCRIPTION: As part of our farm team, you will contribute to all aspects of our farm production. Training to our particular farming practices will be provided. Areas of work will including:

+ Seedling Production
+ Greenhouse Management
+ Harvesting Vegetables
+ Preparing for/attending Markets and CSA
+ Carpentry / Building Projects
+ Weed and Pest Management
+ Fertility and Land Management
+ Machine/tool maintenance


+ At least one season of farming experience or enrolment in a post-secondary agricultural education program
+ Knowledge of organic farming practices is an asset
+ Self-motivated and hardworking
+ Ability to work at a fast pace in groups or alone
+ Physically fit and capable of working efficiently in a variety of weather conditions
+ Positive in attitude and contributes to an efficient and enjoyable work environment
+ Keen to contribute ideas and demonstrate problem solving abilities
+ Good sense of humour and desire to work in a team setting

WAGES: Compensation will be determined based on the selected candidates experience and the amount of hours agreed upon. Room and board may be provided. 

TO APPLY: Fill out our Farm Crew Questionnaire and attach your resume below. Thanks!

Name *
Describe which one matches your availability. If you are interested in part time, please describe what type of hours.
Please note, previous work experience on a farm or enrolment in a post-secondary agricultural program is a requirement for this position. What kind of operation did you work on and for how long? What was your position/what was required of you? Did you work with a crew? If so how large?
Do you have experience working at a Farmers' Markets, or as a vendor at any fair or market? *
Do you have a current driver's license? *
Ex. carpentry, metal or wood working, marketing, photography, cooking, etc...
Most tasks require quality work at a quick pace. We do not expect you to know how to do every task beforehand (in fact, we expect that you will be receptive to learning our methods!), but we do require a desire and ability to learn quickly.
This position runs from June to the end of November. When is your earliest availability to start and are you available until the end of the November?
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